Pitch 38.1mm  
Link Thickness 12mm - Roller 20mm ᴓ 38.1mm pitch gravity 
Drive Method Hinge Driven
Surface Area Roller Top
Hold Down Tabs Available
Bar Links Available
Travel Bi Directional
Link Layout Various Lengths Available


Belt Material
Outer Links

Belt Material

Temperature Range C Belt Weight m2 Minimum inside Radius
Acetal or Polypropylene Polyvinylchloride -5°c to 40°c 8.65kg 2.2 x belt width


Rods Diameter Rod Retention
Stainless Steel 5mm ᴓ Retaining Clip


Material Number of teeth Bore with keyway Hub width Hub dia
Glass Filled Nylon


25mm or 30mm

9T   30mm

9T = 94mm

Nylon 12T 30mm 12T 30mm 12T = 132.1mm


 3800 series